The Cape Cod series is the front runner in this flooring line. The Cape Cod hardwood collection attributes three/4″ Thick strong Oaks & & Brazilian cherry hardwood in widths of three” & & two” for the Oaks & & 3 1/4″ & 5″ for the Brazilian Cherry. The Select Grade hardwood is imperfection completely free without any indicators of mineral streaks, knots or other unfavorable alternatives these as bending or bad milling. The Cape Cod Collection features an Aluminum Oxide end that is devoid of pitting. The surface is so smooth on the Cape Cod that it puts a number of other higher end producers completes to embarassment. The Cape Cod Assortment features a relieved edge and square butt joint as various prefinished hardwood floors on the marketplace place currently, carries an amazing fifty year warranty for surface and lifetime structural guarantee. Cape Cod is produced from a renewable farm and is a green hardwood product that produces just a mere 3 % waste aspect and is created out of Appalachian Oak. This hardwood floor can getting sanded & & refinished for a lifetime. A single characteristic that stands the Cape Cod oaks apart from the leisure of the Prefinished market is the reality that it is gathered & & made in the UNITED STATE. The Brazilian Cherry hardwood is collected from a managed forest that is Lacey Act Compliant. The Brazilian Cherry of the Cape Cod assortment is an Actual clear grade hardwood floor and is guaranteed to have no Silica. The Cape Cod is just a single of the five items in the Impressions Hardwood Flooring Line.

Yet another force to consider in the prefinished hardwood line is the Hampton Sequence. The Hampton Good Hardwood Flooring line characteristics 3/4″ Thick 6 – sided covered Oak flooring that has square edged & & ends similar to a floor that is laid in unfinished than website finished. The 6 sided seal enhances the moisture resistance in this flooring product considerably and attains the biggest square edge option on the marketplace today. The Hampton series is available in 5 colors: Regular, Saddle, White Oak All-natural, Honey & & Gunstock. The coloration possibilities for the Hampton series are based off of the leading rated 5 colors promoting in the area nowadays by designers & & home builders. The Six Sided seal is a function JUST available in the Hampton series any place in the world and is provided by 10 Oaks of Virginia. The end on this hardwood item is a UV Cured urethane as successfully as aluminum oxide on the best of the product, and is pre-sealed on all six sides. The Hampton Sequence is a green items that is produced from Appalachian Oak and can be sanded & & finished for a life time. The Hampton Sequence like the leisure of the Impressions hardwood flooring line choices a 50 year service warranty for total and a lifetime structural assurance. The Hampton Series is made by a AHMI Member which is a sustainable hardwood forest item. This service or product is available in a 2″ & & three” wide item.

The next product and services in the Impressions hardwood flooring line is a top ranked marketing one/2″ thick engineered hardwood described the Salem Series. The Salem series associates a Perma-Complete Industrial Grade Water Based mainly end and is equipped with just Prime Select Grade oak items. The Salem Sequence has Red Oak & & Brazilian Cherry as species offered to the name and can be put in under, over & & on grade.